The Lady Wizard


My dedication goes to that anonymous girl whose identity is anonymous but her magic is strange!


My clear debt goes to that girl whose identity I tried to hide. The story is inspired by true incidents in the life of the author. Both the writer and the ground staff worked hard to write the book you recommended to us! If you are opposed to the book contact us at

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It has been 15 minutes since I was in my class waiting for my friends to come and have some fun. I looked at my watch and it was 7:35 AM. My friend entered the class, and we greeted each other. By the time it was 7:47 AM, most of my friends had entered the classroom. Then came the most important character in the story, whom we shall call "Lady Wizard." So she entered the classroom and sat along with a girl who is famous for her activities in the classroom. She observed the classroom and the students as well. I was busy with my company as I was feeling excited about my book release. I saw her from the back. She had long hair and stood tall. Firstly, I thought that she would be a new student who didn't know with whom she had sat. I am always available to help people. As soon as I stood up to help her, she turned back. And man, her eye attacks were like a DDoS attack to crash a website. She turned ahead, and the bombing was stopped. Although I had little respect for all aspects of my life, this point was life-remembering. I fell, and my mates helped me get back to my early status. Our class teacher entered the classroom, which was a busy market. I don't want to hurt anyone's privacy or trust, but here I can say one word: "Wizard." A "Wizard" stood for a person who did magic! And you can relate to it. My class teacher looked at her in a shocked and funny manner. She said, "New admission ?" That said, "Yes Mam!" After that, they had some confidential conversations, and the last thing I heard was, "Wrong classroom beta, there's your class !", said my class teacher, pointing out the next classroom after ours. Suddenly, the bell rang, and that girl vanished. After that, we were ordered to form a line and assemble at the assembly area to conduct the prayer. We all formed a line, but I was still hypnotised by the pink venom. I was still thinking about where she must have gone. The assembly was over and still, I was thinking about where she must have gone. The first four periods were just time passes for a boy who stood for his gestures in class. I was wondering where she went, and then I saw that their class was moving out to attend their scheduled class in another corridor. I spotted her and, come on, I am not a stalker! I understood that what I was thinking was right. " They are seniors," my batchmate replied to my unspoken words. Age is just a number, I replied, and the real journey began from there.


During the interval, I spent time with my close friends discussing the group project, which we were supposed to submit by the end. My mind was at that moment on the so-called "7:47 AM". I stood and walked out of the class, leaving that important work behind, and went to the tap area, washed my face, and went back to the classroom !! And boom, what I saw was an angel standing beside me and watching her new school, new students, and everything new. Although I am a very social guy and can speak with anyone quite well here, I don't have that much courage to talk to her. The bell rang, and she vanished again. I walked towards my classroom and saw my friends angry at me because I didn't attend the meeting to discuss the project. Even though I had good connections with my friends and schoolmates, they said nothing because they were my friends. It was on day one and it has been like I have known her for years. Note that for me, everyone is equal before they treat me with their attitudes. You must be thinking that this is a case of one-sided love. No! It's not love at all. It's just a gentle feeling of attraction towards anyone's behaviour.


What I remember is that their class venue changed and mine too, and I don't know the reason. My batch of 2021–22 is the best. From being the first class monitor of my class to being the hero's heart, my batch is the best. One day, I saw her on the ramp and I decided to talk to her. I talked to her there even after school was over. The feeling was the luckiest, and this brought me to the eyes of my school and classmates. "You have changed !", One of my friends said to me. And I thought, "Am I changed"? And what if I lose my older version? All the questions were revolving around my mind. I never thought of seeing myself in those feelings earlier, but I still tried to change myself. One golden piece of advice to all of my readers is to always respect every opinion in your life because it will help you on the road to success even faster! She was great at her peaceful behaviour and the bond was even stronger when I started talking to her. I don't even know if she takes interest in my discussions or not! But I can guarantee that age is just a number and nothing else. A notification rang, and I opened my eyes and saw that I was laying at my house, and it was just a dream and nothing else. I grabbed my phone and opened my messenger. The reply came on July 28, 4:11 PM (approx).

"Are you a Lady Wizard?"

"No, I am not !"

Maybe the moon looks beautiful only when it is far away...

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