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Lian, a gorgeous mermaid, accidentally fell in love with Ash, a wealthy business tycoon, when she was on her way to first seduce and later kill him. Will Ash protect Lian from the impending danger to her home in the Gulf Of Fog?

17 January 1999;

The government of Waltis auctioned the Gulf of Fog, which was later sold to Ash, the son of later King Waltis IV and a business tycoon. By birth, Ash was lucky to be the successor of his father but he was not greedy for kingdom and wealth. Ash started his journey a long time ago. His hard work and dedication were what he used to give employment to 1 million unemployed youth every year. Ash SeaWork was given a licence for seaway construction and governmental waterway transportation work. Ash SeaWork owns 70% of seaports and was the leading top-10 company in the kingdom of Waltis. After he purchased the Gulf of Fog for $40 billion, he thought to develop a waterpark that would be the biggest in the world.

18 January 1999;

Ash, along with his officials, threw a public party near the Gulf. The area was under strong surveillance by the police. Ash and his business partner, Ms. Li, were enjoying the party. Suddenly, a girl from the group of mermaid dancers came running after Ash and caught his hand. She was not like an ordinary dancer. Her walk was unusual, and she was giving romantic compliments. After the guards came running by and caught the dancer, they informed the tycoon that the girl was not from the dancing group. But before leaving, she asked Ash whether he still loved her or not. Ash ignored the girl and moved ahead.

21 January 1999;

Ash ordered his team to install the sonars on the gulf to detect if any marine mammals were there or not. His officials informed him that some unusual sounds and radiation were coming from the Gulf of Fog. They also informed Ash that the Gulf of Fog is associated with some mysterious conspiracy theories. Ash recalled that the area is just 150 kilometres away from the Bermuda Triangle. He ordered his secretary to show the previous five years' report of the Gulf and the mysteries associated with it. He was shocked to know that six military aircraft went missing near the Gulf. He contacted the ground team, which was there to install the sonars. They were out to do a random check of the Gulf but weren't able to get back to the officials. There was no signal, no human, no means of communication and no sound except that of water. Suddenly they saw land; it seemed to be a few miles away from their ship. When they got closer they saw that it was some remains of a giant ship, seems to be of sea pirates. They entered the remains of the ship. It was less than a minute when one of the four men saw a giant hole going deeper into the sea, when he called upon his group, they saw a magical place inside. Suddenly someone from behind hit them with a hard material.

23 January 1999;

Still no details about the missing ground team. The government was also informed about the current situation. A search operation was started. Surprisingly, nothing was found when the last location of the ship was tracked. The four men on the ship were well-trained soldiers. When they opened their eyes, they saw anonymous people in the water. They were humans from the top and fish from beneath. Mermaid in the fantasy world. The first appearance of mermaids in human culture seems to have occurred about 1000 BC in Assyria (roughly equivalent to present-day Syria plus the northern area of Iraq). In the mythology of Assyria, the beautiful fertility goddess Atargatis became a mermaid after casting herself into a lake. Seems magical, right?

One can imagine the situation!
24th January 1999;

Ash was discussing some important details related to the Gulf with her business partner, Ms. Li. They were related to the activation of sonars. The project manager explained to Ash and his team that for many whales, dolphins, and other marine animals, the use of underwater sonar can lead to injury or even death. He also shows them the report conducted by physics.StackExchange. It stated that at 200 dB, the vibrations of the sonars can rupture the human lungs, and above 210 dB, the lethal noise can bore straight through the brain until it haemorrhages that delicate tissue. If you're not deaf after this devastating sonar blast, you're dead! Just imagine how deep it is! On the other hand, the mermaids killed one of the four men to collect information about the project that the beautiful mermaid, Lian, heard about that evening at the party. Yes! That girl with her unusual walk was none other than Lian, who went there to seduce Ash, but unfortunately, she was caught doing so. The mermaids told them about their past and how ancient humans treated them harshly.

One can imagine the situation!

The three of them were astonished to see the hidden world and the real mystery associated with it. The mermaids further added that the ancient human beings also wrote a detailed book on them, about their appearance and the treatment they bear. Fortunately, they succeeded in stealing that book which also reveals their exact location.

One can imagine the situation! (A mermaid worshipping her God)

That night Luxe, the Captain of the ship escape the place and was somehow able to steal the precious book. He returned to the ship where his fellow crewmates were abducted. He found that his ship was missing and suddenly something went dark.

25th January 1999;

The whole world was watching a piece of terrific news about the brutal murder of Ash's personal captain, Luxe! His body was found near the Gulf by militants. Ash got frightened to hear that his best captain had been brutally murdered. The sonars were activating the next day, but that day Ash felt something strange; his mind was on the topic of the Gulf. He decided to go there and take a look. Along with him was his well-trained right-hand man, Jack. Soon they realised that their helicopter was right above the Gulf when they saw some remains of a giant ship. Ash asked to stop the aircraft, and they landed on the mysterious remains of a ship. Jack loaded his gun, but Ash asked him to put it back. They saw a giant hole or something like a trench getting deeper into the sea. It seems to be a gorge. While they bent to see over, they accidentally fell into the trench and got themselves hurt. When they opened their eyes, they saw an underwater world with lots of mermaids inside that giant ship. Instantaneously, a big wave of water splashed over them, and they saw the mother mermaid in front. Ash figured out that it was unsafe for them to stay there, but then he saw Lian and fell in love with her beauty and presence. Lian saw his bright eyes and got shy. Ash also saw his crew members there, who were in a state of unconsciousness. The mermaids asked Ash why he did so with other mermaids. Ash replied to them, asking what he had done to them, while one mermaid punched his face and said that he had added deadly particles to the seawater, which had taken the lives of humans along with the mermaids and other sea mammals. It was none other than tons of plastics and oil. Jack laughed at them and said that they are soon activating the sonars, which will kill them forever, and their boss, Ms. Li, will make profits out of them. Ash was amazed to hear such words from his right hand, and then he recalled why he loaded his guns before they went down and who killed Luxe so brutally. Jack laughed at Ash and said, "Sorry boss, it's over now," and aimed his gun at Ash to shoot him, but then Lian from his back caught hold of Jack's gun and killed him. She shouts at Ash and asked him to run away from the back. Ash took the opportunity and ran away from there. He got into his chopper and get back to his home. In the middle, he recalls why his business partner forced him to buy the Golf of Fog, which was of no use to his business model. He now understood why Ms. Li invested 60% of her money in his project and how he was betrayed. He heads to his office and asks his staff to call the project manager. The project manager told Ash that sonars can be very harmful to marine mammals and could even lead to death. He got to know that he had killed more than a lakh marine mammals just by signing contracts for money and designing sea routes that were of no use. Soon, he ordered the deactivation of all the activated sonars and sent a rescue team to rescue the marine mammals, who needed immediate help. Ms. Li, his business partner, came in an angry mood, slapped Ash, and asked why she had invested millions of dollars just to take a loss on this megaproject. Ash explained the scenario, but Li left the office, saying that she would destroy the mermaids and make a million dollars. Ash sensed the future, he cancels the order of the underwater sonars and gets into the chopper to help Lian and his family. What will happen to Ash? Will he be able to save Lian and his family? What is Ms. Li's secret plan? Why the Government auctioned the Gulf? Did mermaids have superpowers? Parallel dimension?

 What will be the breaking news headlines of 26th January?

One can imagine the situation! (Lian in danger)
Mysterious to be get uprooted soon!

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