M. K. S.

Manvendra (widely recognized by the pseudonym MKS) forms a world of fiction and fantasy for his readers. This area is the hub of the most exciting fiction genre, classics e-books and stories.

Manvendra, widely recognized by the pseudonym MKS, is a prominent and accomplished individual in the literary world. With a remarkable talent for story writing, scriptwriting, and book reviewing, Manvendra has made a significant impact in the field of literature. He has captivated audiences with his creative and insightful analysis. He is an exceptional story writer, scriptwriter, and book reviewer who has left an indelible mark on the literary landscape. Through his fascinating portrayals, his impactful scripts, and his insightful reviews, he continues to inspire and entertain readers around the world!

M. K. S.

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THE LADY WIZARD (Multiple openings)

A girl who took an important place beyond the human imagination ends with a heart breaking truth !

Angel at Exams (One-time single opening)

The story of an angel who comes as a saver for the exam and hence the Angel at Exam.

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  • Lady Wizard ;)

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